Liebherr LTF1035-3.1 Truck Mounted Crane (35 ton)

Liebherr LTF 1035-3.1 mounted on a Scania P400. Photo by Karow900 Startbilder.

Liebherr launched two new truck mounted models in 2006, one was the new 35 tonne capacity LTF 1035-3.1 and the 45 tonne capacity LTF 1045-4.1. The LTF 1035-3.1, mounted on a three axle truck, has a superstructure developed from the two axle 35 tonne capacity LTM 1030-2.1 all terrain crane. A difference from the LTMs is that LTFs have superstructure engines.

The extra axle on the LTF 1035-3.1 allow more counterweight to be carried than on the LTMs. At 12 tonnes per axle, the LTF 1035-3.1 is able to carry 5 tonnes counterweight as opposed to 2.3 tonnes on the LTM 1030-2.1.

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Grove GMK6300L All Terrain Crane (300 ton)

Kanson's signature blue colour 300 tonnes GMK6300L traveling on the streets in Hong Kong. 

The new Grove GMK6300L all terrain crane debut in 2010 prior to its predecessors, GMK6300. The 300 tonnes crane combines some of the strongest lift capability in its class with a 80 metres main boom like Terex AC250-1 and eliminating the need to use a jib or superlift for a heavier lift. The 7-section boom is equipped with Twin-Lock system and also their patented Megaform design for optimized rigidity and capacity. In addition, the crane can be equipped with optional 36 metres jib.

The GMK6300L is also the only crane among the competitors to offer a fully automatic transmission Allison with torque convertor. An integrated retarder also offers enhanced braking on hill and slopes, giving operator a better confidence in moving the vehicle.


Singapore-based heavy lifting and haulage specialist, Tiong Woon Crane & Transport has taken delivery of five units of 300 tonnes Grove GMK6300L - one of the single largest orders Manitowoc received for the GMK6300L.

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Video of Grove GMK6300L
  1. Photo. Kanson Hong Kong.
Updated on 27th October 2014.

Terex Demag AC100/4 All Terrain Crane (100 ton)

Photo by Kran Russland.

AC100/4 was one of the new model lined up at Bauma 2007 Germany. Terex Demag commented that the 100 tonne all terrain crane has the most variable extension system available, along with it being the srongest four axle crane in all working configurations. It was then the only four axle crane with only 2.55 metres width on 16.00 R25 tyres.

The all terrain crane can carry 6.9 tonnes of counterweight within the 12 tonne axle load and 21.3 tonnes of counterweight within a 16 tonnes axle load.

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Liebherr LTR1220 Telescopic Crawler Crane (220 ton)

liebherr ltr1220 on liebherr display booth Liebherr LTR1220 being displayed in Germany Bauma 2013.

Liebherr unveiled the LTR1220, 220 tonnes capacity class telescopic crawler crane to the public back in 2012 at Liebherr Plant in Ehingen and celebrated its exhibition premiere in April at the Germany Bauma 2013.

News was released in November 2014 that Liebherr has developed a new system which uses LTR1220 as a derrick ballast for erection of tall wind power systems on its 600 tonne capacity LR1600/2 crawler crane. The new development was showed at a customer event at Liebherr-Werk Ehingen factory with a SL10DFB configuration with 153 metres main boom and 12 metres fixed jib. Instead of using counterweight when erecting the boom systems, the new concept uses LTR1220 and only 70 tonnes of counterweight as suspended ballast required for erection and lowering of the boom system, which normally requires 350 tonnes of counterweight. In this manner, the users can reduce cost on transportation of the counterweights to site. The new concept is said to be suitable for long boom system of up to 156 metre main boom and 12 metre fixed jib, applying both to the new SL10 and SL13 systems, as well as existing SL4 system.


The first unit of Liebherr LTR1220 in Germany was delivered to a German local crane and heavy transport contractor, Albert Regel GmbH baed in Baunatal near Kassel, Germany. The 220 ton telescopic crawler crane displayed its capabilities during the construction of a building in Villingen-Schwenningen and proved an immediate hit with its functionality and flexibility for handling prefabricated concrete components. With its chassis excel with off-road capability and superb manoeuvrability, the telescopic crawler crane is ideal for the site. Additionally, the crane can move with lifting a full load. At the same time, the Liebherr telescopic crawler crane feature short setup time, well-designed transportation and high variability of the boom systems.

Heavy lift and haulage company Transportation Partners & Logistics LLC (TP&L) has taken delivery of the first LTR1220 telescopic crawler crane in America during August 2013 which the crane went straight to work, unloading wind turbine mast section.

Brazilian heavy lift and haulage company Guindastes Tatuape has taken the delivery of the first LTR1220 in Brazil. They have decided to purchase the Liebherr LTR1220 after having a good working experience with the smaller capacity LTR1100.

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Video of Liebherr LTR1220 Telescopic Crawler Crane
Updated on 15th Dec 2014.

Tadano TR250M-5 Rough Terrain Crane (25 ton)

Tadano TR series of rough terrain crane back dated since the early 1970s and throughout the years of
evolution and continuous progress, they have developed a strong foothold for 25 tonnes capacity class rough terrain crane in the world. TR250M-5 was one of the popular model for the past two decades and even till now, this 25 tonne ton is still one of the sought after rough terrain crane in the after sales market in Asia, or perhaps in the world. Tadano consistently upgrade the version of this rough terrain that now evolve to TR250M-6 and TR250M-7 and in the new era, launched the GR series of the rough terrain crane as well.

The TR250M-5 comes with a 4-section hydraulic telescoping boom that extends to a maximum of 30.5 metres and has optional fly jib of 8 or 13 metres to reach a maximum height of 44.2 metres. It also has an single top attachment for quick reeving for loads under 3.5 tonnes. The crane is powered by an Mitsubishi 6D16 water-cooled, 4-cycle, 6-cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger with a maximum rated output of 250 PS / 2,800 rpm.

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Terex Powerlift 1000 Crawler Crane (55 ton) - Unveiled at Shanghai Bauma 2012

Terex debut their new 55 ton crawler crane, Powerlift 1000, in Shanghai Bauma 2012. The crane was manufactured in Ji'nan factory as a joint collaboration with a China manufacturer. The 55 ton crawler crane has a maximum 203.5 Nm, the highest in its capacity class. Only 3 metres in transportation width, the Powerlift 1000 has the most compact design in its class, with an estimate of 10% comparing to other makers. Although the it has been designed as a compact crane, the lifting performance has not been compromised. The Powerlift 1000 is powered by a 155 kW 6-cylinder diesel engine that complies with China Euro 3 emission standard.

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Liebherr LR1130 Crawler Crane (130 ton)

Photo by AGD Equipment.  

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Sumitomo SC3500 Hydraulic Crawler Crane (350 ton)

Toyo Jyuki Sumitomo SC3500 working in Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture. Photo by Tefutefu Crane.

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Sumitomo ST3600 Hydraulic Truck Crane (360 ton)

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Sumitomo SA1700 All Terrain Crane (170 ton)

Photo by Tefutefu Crane.

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  • Metric Load Chart in Japanese. Yoda Lease.
Video of SA1700 Introduction
Updated on 8th Dec 2014.

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