Terex Superlift 3800 Crawler Crane (650 ton)

The first unit of Superlift 3800 Crawler Crane was delivered to its owner, Ulferts & Wittrock, a German lifting and transport specialist in March 2013 which they have ordered five months ago after its official launch. They bought the crawler crane with 153m main boom and 12m light fixed jib combination with Vario-superlift system with counterweight tray.

The German owner use Superlift 3800 on its first assignment to perform a complex trio crawler crane lift, whereby all three of them were Terex Crane, including Wagenborg Nedlift's CC2500-1 and Sarens's CC6800. The assignment was at A23 motorway between Hamburg and Heide whereby they have to lift the 1,200 ton bridges over the river Stor, a challenge on adverse weather conditions.

  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 650 ton
  • Boom Length: 24m to 96m, 36m to 114m
  • Fixed Jib Length: 12m to 36m
  • Luffing Jib Length: Max. 96m
  • Max. Combination: 96m +96m, 102m + 90m, 108m + 60m

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Video on Terex Superlift 3800 Jobsite Debut

Terex Crossover 6000 Boom Truck Crane

Texas-based Scott Macon Equipment whom had the chance to try out the new Crossover 6000.

The Crossover 6000 was introduced in CONEXPO 2011 and later featured in ICUEE 2011. The 60 tonnes crane is designed with a roadable configuration and equipped with the same X-pattern outriggers as Terex's new Roadmaster 9000 truck crane. The outrigger design lowers the overall centre of gravity and reduce stresses off the chassis, reducing wear and tear while increasing it's lifespan.

The crane is equipped with a 4-section 33.5 metres main boom and offers optional fixed jib up to 17.2 metres. It can achieve a maximum lifting height of 50.9 metres. Besides, Crossover 6000 also borrows several features from Terex's T560 truck crane, including its upper which was mounted on a commercial chassis and hydraulically self-removable counterweight system.

1st Crossover 6000 in US - Texas-based Scott Macon Equipment took delivery of the 1st unit and delivered to Houston in 2011.

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  1. Photo. Scott-Macon Equipment. 

Terex Quadstar 1100 Rough Terrain Crane (100 ton / 110 US ton)

Terex rolled out its new 110-ton Quadstar 1100 rough terrain crane at Conexpo 2014 in Las Vegas. There was a soft launched in Europe in 2013 and though several has been already sold, it was the first appearance at a trade show, as well as its first appearance in North America. The Quadstar 1100 features a full-power, five-section telescopic boom with two modes of operation. One mode optimizes capacity at shirt radii, the other mode provides maximum capacity at long radii. The optional jib is stow at the side, bi-fold, lattice type, featuring two sections plus a pullout extension which offers a maximum length of 72.1ft with possible of inline, offset of 20 & 40 degree.

Liebherr LTM1070-4.1 All Terrain Crane (70 ton)

Sarens Netherlands taking delivery of the brand new Liebherr LTM1070-4.1 in late August 2006.
Sarens Netherlands taking delivery of the brand new Liebherr LTM1070-4.1 in late August 2006. 

The four-axle LTM1070-4.1 all terrain crane has a 50 metres main boom, giving it a lifting height almost 20% increase than that of its predecessor, LTM1060/2.

Load capacity has also been increased by an average of 10% compared to its predecessor and at certain point of the load chart, almost 30% increase. When equipped with a 16 metre double folding fly jib, the maximum lifting height of LTM1070-4.1 is up to 65 metres.

At 12 tonnes per axle configuration, the crane can carry 10.7 tonnes of counterweight, the 16 metres double folding jib and a range of accessories. The 70 tonnes all terrain crane need to add another 3.8 tonnes of ballast to take the total counterweight to 14.5 tonnes and maximise the working load.

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  1. Sarens Netherlands's Liebherr LTM1070-4.1. Emielschoonen.

Terex Demag CC2400-1 Crawler Crane (400 ton / 440 US ton)

Crane service provider Fricke-Schmidbauer Schwerlast using a Terex CC2400-1 crawler to lift and shift two 400-tonnes overhead cranes with maximum component weighing up to 105 tonnes which has to be removed from service at Salzgitter Flachstahl's steel mill in Germany. The CC2400-1 uses a SWSL configuration with 36 metres main boom and 36 metres fly jib. It also uses 160 tonnes Superlift counterweight and 160 tonnes of ballast in order to lift the loads in a 34 metres working radius.
Terex CC2400-1 is a 400 tonne capacity crawler crane which has been developed out of CC2200's crawler chassis with a complete new boom system, as compared to its predecessor, Demag CC2400. The crane holds a maximum load moment of 5150 tonne-metres and features the new variable superlift radius, variable main boom offset in SW (heavy main boom and luffing jib) and SWSL (SW with superlift) configurations.

The superlift radius can be adjusted from 9 to 15 metres and in SWSL configuration, the main boom length is possible between 36 to 96 metres and fly jib length from 24 to 84 metres.

The complete machine, including its 100 tonnes of counterweight, 24m of boom and hook block weighs to 233 tonnes. For transportation, the superstructure with three winches, hydraulic A-frame, carbody and self-assembly equipment weights 59.6 tonnes each. Each crawler weighs 23.4 tonnes at 10.25 metres long and 1.3 metres wide.
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  1. New 400t crawler from Terex-Demag. International Cranes and Specialized Transport Magazine. October 2005 issue.

Liebherr LTC1055-3.1 All Terrain Crane (55 tonnes)

Liebherr LTC105-3.1 has been specially designed for applications that great manoeuvrability and compactness. LTC stands for "Liebherr-Telescopic-Compact", indicating the special compactness of the crane design. During hydrostatic travel drive, it has one of the tightest turning radius of its capacity class and also comes with active rear axle steering and shunting mode. The 7-section, 36 metres compact boom also distinguish the 55 tonnes mobile crane as a optimum crane for work within restricted industrial buildings.
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P&H 430A Lattice Boom Truck Crane (35 US ton)

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  • To be updated soon.


  1. Photo of P&H 430A working. Diecast Discussion Forum. 11 April 2010.

P&H 670-WLC Crawler Crane (70 US ton)

P&H 670 WLC crawler crane in Maryland

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Kobelco RK160-3 (Lynx 160) Rough Terrain Crane (16 tonnes)

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Komatsu LW250-5 (Wing 250) Rough Terrain Crane (25 ton)

The Komatsu LW250-5 rough terrain crane is taken in a sepia background. Does that also means that this crane model is at the point of sun setting ?

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  1. Komatsu LW250-5 photo. Fuku Chang Blog