Mobile crane crashes into POSB branch in Woodlands Centre Road in the morning

SCDF cordon off area of the demised crane.
SCDF arrived at site and cordon off area of the demised crane.

far view of the demised crane from a bystander
Far view from a bystander.
A mobile crane has crashed into a bank branch in Woodlands Centre Road early Wednesday morning (24 February) after the driver lost control while making a turn.

The driver has escaped unhurt, according to the police officers at the scene. A motorcycle was seen wedged under the vehicle, but no one was injured in the accident, the police said.

The mobile crane was making a turn at around 6.30am when the driver lost control and the vehicle skidded, overturned and smashed into the POSB branch at 2A Woodlands Centre Road.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said it has received a call about the accident at about 7am. A fire engine and an ambulance has been deployed to the scene shortly.

Bystanders helping operator out from crane
Images of bystanders helping the operator to get out of the
crane while people starts to gather.
The driver, noticeably shaken, told Channel News Asia that he was heading to a construction site when the accident happened. He was unhurt but suffered a hit on his head on the back of the seat. possibly causing whiplash. He was promptly helped by two bystanders who opened the crane's door.

Construction worker Kamal Hassan, 49, was at the scene 10 minutes before the accident happened mentioned that he heard a loud sound and saw the mobile crane overturned. A few motorcycles were crushed under the vehicle.

Concerns are raised over the structure stability as there are residents staying on the second storey and BCA would need to carry out a structural inspection.

Investigation has not been carried out yet what has caused the crane to overturned. The crane is believed to be a Grove GMK4100L.

Below are more photos of the accident:

mobile crane lying on the side of its carrier
Crane lying on the side of its carrier

boom head crashed into the wall of the building, creating a big hole
Boom head has crashed into the wall of the building, creating a big hole.

rear view of the demised crane
Rear view of the demised crane.

crowd gathering to see the demised crane in the morning
Crowd gathering to see the demised crane in the morning.

closer view of the crane's boom inside the building's wall
Closer view of the crane's boom inside the building's wall.


Newspaper Report on 26th Feb 2016 on recovery of the crane.
Source: The Straits Time

What Were The BIG TICKET PURCHASE in Germany Bauma 2016

What Were The BIG TICKET PURCHASE in Germany Bauma 2016 #Bauma2016
Once again, the bi-annual construction machinery exhibition in Munich has drawn crowds from all over the world to attend the exhibition. Despite a glooming economy forecast last year, the turnout was unexpectedly well with a record of more than 500,000 visitors - that is increase of nearly 10% from 2013 Bauma show.

With some many visitors, we are also expecting that there will be some good sales coming up in the exhibition and seems like most of the manufacturers does have a share in getting a few good sales in the Bauma show. So let's check out the list of purchases below.

New Yorkers With First Demag AC250-5

Photos of Terex, Auburn Rigging and Empire Crane over first purchase of Demag AC250-5
Front: Steve Bilinski (Auburn Crane & Rigging), Paul Lonergan (Empire Crane)
Back: Ken Lousberg (Terex Cranes), Luke Lonergan (Empire Crane), Dean Barley (Terex Cranes)
Image: Construction Equipment Guide

Auburn Crane & Rigging based in New York has signed an order for the rebrand Demag AC250-5 all terrain through Terex authorized distributor Empire Crane Co., LLC. It is the first Demag crane sold to the United States since the relaunch of the brand at Bauma.

Bigge Crane & Rigging Celebrates 100th Year Anniversary With 12 Terex RT90 Roughter

Bigge Crane taking photos with their newly purchase Terex RT90 Roughter
Bigge Crane With Their New Toys - Terex RT 90
Image: Construction Equipment Guide

Terex authorized dealer, Bigge Crane & Rigging has placed order for 12 units of Terex RT 90 rough terrain crane. As an integral part of the product development process, Bigge has provided input through early voice of customer interviews and feedback on design concepts. It also signifies another milestone - the purchase of over 500 Terex cranes to date.

GSL made headlines on First Day of Bauma with Purchase of Demag AC220-5

GSL purchased first Demag AC220-5 at Bauma 2016
Demag AC220-5 displayed at Bauma 2016
Image: Alex Miedema

Grúas y Soluciones Logísticas Salas, S.A. de C.V. (GSL) has purchased the first relaunched Demag-branded AC220-5 heading for America. The all terrain crane is destined for Mexico and they are not only the firs company in Mexico to purchase a relaunched Demag product, but also the first lifting company in Mexico to purchase a Demag crane years ago.

Liebherr Handover Trio Crawler to Bragg Crane

Huge Bragg Crane Team for trio crawler handover at Bauma. #Bauma2016
Standing (Left to Right): Daniel Pitzer (Liebherr), John Bray (Liebherr), Scott Bragg (CEO Bragg Crane), Ian Johnson (Bragg), Reinhold Bretenmoser (Liebherr), Kevin Reese (Bragg).
Kneeling (Left to Right): Gregg Nichols, Bobby Weyers, Kelan Bragg (All Bragg)
Image: KHL

The handover ceremony was held at Liebherr stand at the Bauma exhibition to Bragg Crane for the purchase of three crawler - two LR1750/2 and one LR1600/2. The latter comes with a H boom kit, including a strengthened main boom. The cranes are set to be deliver in this year summer.

Hird Buys Biggest Maeda Mini Crane

Maeda MC 815 at Bauma sold to Hird - First in the world to own it.
Hird Purchased The World First Maeda MC 815
Image: KHL

UK-based specialist lifting Hird has purchased the first unit of Maeda MC 815, serial number 00001 which was debut in Bauma. They have became the first company in UK and in the world to purchase the largest 8 ton mini crane.

Hovago With Major Order of 10 Liebherr LR 1500 Crawlers

Liebherr and Hovago taking photos of handover ceremony in Bauma #Bauma2016
Liebherr taking photo with Hovago. Image: KHL

Netherland-based crane rental company, Hovago celebrated with Liebherr at the Bauma for the handover ceremony of a major order for ten units of Liebherr LR 1500 crawler crane - which are launched in Liebherr Customer Days in 2015. At this same year, Hovago are also celebrating their 70 years in business and with three generations of family ownership - similar to Liebherr.

MIC Group celebrates with Kobelco for delivery of a new SL16000J-H Crawler Crane

Kazuhide Naraki handing over key to Eikichi Oyama for SL16000J-H in Bauma #Bauma2016
Kazuhide Naraki, presidet and CEO at Kobelco Construction Machinery presents key in handover ceremony to Eikichi Oyama, President of MIC
Image: KHL

Japan-based crane rental company, MIC Group has celebrated the delivery of a new SL16000J-H crawler crane with a key handover ceremony during the Bauma show. The 1,250 ton capacity class crawler is currently available for Japan market.

Hitachi Sumitomo Handover SCX 3500-3 to Weldex Offshore
Hitachi Sumitomo handing over "painted face" to Weldex as part of the SCX3500-3 handover ceremony
Hitachi Sumitomo handing over "painted face" to Weldex as part of the ceremony in Bauma
Image: KHL

On the second day of Bauma show, Hitachi Sumitomo celebrated the handover of a brand new 350 ton SCX 3500-3 to UK-based offshore specialist, Weldex. Instead of a conventional key for the handover ceremony, there was a painted head name daruma in the colours of Scottish flag and Weldex name on it to mark the special occasion. It was received by McGilvray and a ceremonial hammers were also used to break open a barrel of sake and shared among the crowd.

Tadano Mantis GTC-800 Telescopic Crawler (80 ton)

Tadano Mantis has made announcement in 4th March 2016 that they will be introducing the new model GTC-800, an 80 ton (88 US ton) telescopic boom crawler crane at BAUMA Germany 2016. The GTC-800 is CE marked and will be available for global sales in late 2016.

The GTC-800 was the second of the new design for the GTC series telescopic boom crawler cranes which follows the concept to design and build that meets the requirements for its core markets of power transmission, bridge and civil and foundation construction. The crane manufacturer's also looking into expanding the broader appeal of the crane towards lift crane based markets.

THE GTC-800 design project was a collaboration between Tadano Mantis and Tadano, which the latter aids in building the telescopic boom, integration of Tadano winches, jib, hydraulic cylinders, AML-C and Hello Net telematics.

Technical Specifications

The full powered, 5-section 11.5m - 43.0m (37' 8" - 141' 1") hydraulic boom is designed not only to perform for hoisting works, but also capable of out-of-level, pick-and-carry and foundation work. It also can be equipped with a 10.1m / 17.7m (33.1ft / 58.1ft) bi-fold jib that can be offset at 3.5º, 25º and 45º. The maximum lifting height with the jib erected is 60.4m (198ft). An optional 2.5m (8.2 ft) heavy lift jib with a maximum capacity of 21.4t (23.5 US ton) that offset at 3.5º and 30º is also available.

Operating load charts for the GTC-800 are available for gradient up to 4º with automatic out of level load chart switching. Not mentioning that the crane is able to operate with the optimum load charts with Tadano Mantis' market leading 1.5º slope allowance. The crawler tracks is equipped with width sensors and 3 track width operating zones which the crane has sufficient hydraulic power to either extend or retract on its own and without the need of pinning in position once set to operating width.

The GTC-800 is powered by a Cummins QSB6.7 stage IV, US EPA Tier 4f diesel engine rated at 231 kW (310 hp) @ 2200 rpm. Engine throttle can be controlled in three forms - auto-idle control, adaptive throttle control or foot pedal control. The load sensing, power controlled hydraulic system optimises the hydraulic output to the diesel engine power output for highly efficient operation and control. The swing system is controlled by a separate closed loop hydrostatic transmission for superior swing performance and a maximum swing speed is 2.0 rpm. The travel system features a 2-speed track drives with maximum speeds of 3.6km/h (2.23 mph) and a maximum unladen gradability of 78%. The standard track show is 900mm wide 3-bar semi-grouser which can be changed with optional 800mm wide steel flat shoe type.


  1. Tadano Mantis Corporation announces new 80 tonne (88 ton) telescopic boom crawler crane to be unveiled at Bauma 2016, Tadano Mantis, 4 March 2016.

ALE AL.SK700 Heavy-lift Crane (8,000 ton)

The prototype design of the ALE AL.SK700
3D Prototype Rendering of the new crane design of AL.SK700. Photo: Break Bulk.
ALE has once again trying to challenge for the heavyweight champion in the heavy lifting crane by announcing their plans for the new crane design of AL.SK700 - a gigantic heavy lift crane that is capable of lifting loads of up to 8,000 ton and delivering load moment of 708,000 ton metres.

The AL.SK700 solution is based on two units of AL.SK cranes which is primarily designed for super-heavy module lifting work in the offshore and shipbuilding industry. ALE claims the load capacity of 8,000 ton "has never been previously achievable."

At the present moment, no technical specifications or any specified data has been released on this crane. We will update once there are more information.


  1. ALE introduces 8,000-tonne heavy-lift crane, Break Bulk, 7 April 2016.

Lorry Loader Topples Sideways after hoisting Precast Slabs

It was reported this afternoon that there was a lorry loader that tipped to its side after trying to hoist a huge precast segment. The crane toppled towards the fencing and onto the pedestrian walkway. No injuries has been reported so far.

Liebherr LTM1350-6.1 All Terrain Crane (350 ton)

Liebherr LTM1350-6.1 displayed during Liebherr Day 2015
Liebherr LTM1350-6.1 displayed during Liebherr Day 2015.  Cranepedia
Liebherr's LTM1350-6.1 made its debut in CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2011 offering a 70 meters main boom which overtook its predecessor LTM1300-6.1 with an additional 10 meters main boom. It is said to be the strongest 6-axles All Terrain Crane in the market.

Related: Terex AC350/6 All Terrain Crane (350 ton)

Technical Specifications

  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 350 ton at 3m radius
  • Boom Length: 14.9m to 70m
  • Lattice Jib Length: 6m to 78m
  • Operational Weight: 72 ton
  • Total Counterweight: 140 ton
  • Carrier Engine: Liebherr, 8-cylinder turbo-diesel, 450 kW
  • Superstructure Engine: Liebherr, 4-cylinder turbo-diesel, 180 kW


German-based rental company Huffermann Krandienst has taken delivery of the 350 tonne all terrain crane in April 2014, their first unit of crane with luffing jib among their fleet of 40 Liebherr mobile crane. Current largest crane will be LTM1350-6.1.

Download Crane Load Chart Below

Falcon Crane Hire pleads guilty on Battersea crane collapse

Falcon Tower Crane pleads guilty on Battersea crane collapse
UK tower crane rental house, Falcon Crane Hire admitted two health and safety breaches of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 at Southwark Crown Court in London on Monday 29 February, in relation to a Battersea, south London, crane crash in September 2006.

Crane operator Jonathan Cloke, 37, and local resident Michael Alexa, 23, died in the accident when the tower crane collapsed on a Barratt Homes property development site. Cloke fell to his death from inside the cab and a section of the tower crane struck and killed Alexa as he cleaned his car in a neighbouring street.

The demised tower crane was a BPR 222 that was manufactured in late 1970s.
   Your Local Guardian

The inquest heard that a mistake - loading the crane structure with 12 ton of counterweights instead of eight - was made by Falcon Crane Hire Limited because it had used the wrong instruction manual during erection of the tower crane.

Judge Alistair McCreath adjourned sentencing until 15 March and agreed for the prosecution to offer no evidence against Douglas Genge, Falcon managing director.


  1. Falcon pleads guilty on Battersea crane collapse, KHL, 3 March 2016.

OSHA and Crane, Hoist, Monorail Partners renew alliance

OSHA and Crane, Hoist, Monorail Partners renew alliance
Chris Becker (CMAA), Rob Beightol (MMA), Dr David Michaels (OSHA), Bob Burkey (HMI), Matt Smurr (MHI),
Standing: Bill Schneider Jr. (CMAA), Josh Arwood (CMAA) and Chris Hess (HMI)
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the USA have extended the alliance with its Crane, Hoist and Monorail (CHM) partners for a further five years. Outreach and education were the themes discussed at the signing.

The crane, hoist and monorail partners are the overhead lifting product groups of trade association Material Handling Industry (MHI), namely Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA), Hoist Manufacturers Institute (HMI) and Monorail Manufacturers Association (MMA).

Through its Alliance Program, OSHA works with unions, consulates, trade and professional organisations, faith and community-based organisations, businesses and educational institution to prevent workplace fatalities, injuries and illness. OSHA is particularly keen to reduce worker exposures to electrical shock, electrocution, falls from elevation and being struck-by moving equipment, through the latest alliance renewal.

"Our alliance with CHM has been invaluable in helping to reduce and prevent serious or fatal incidents in the material handling industry," said Dr David Michaels, assistant secretary of Labor for OSHA. "We will continue to focus on efforts and resources that implement best industry practices that help keep crane, hoist and monorail operators safe and healthy."

Matthew Smurr, managing executive of the overhead groups and senior director, solution and product groups, at MHI, said, "The alliance is a direct and valuable connection to the U.S. regulatory agency for workplace safety that is beneficial to both sides."

OSHA originally established an Alliance Program in March 2002 to enable organisation committed to safety and health to work with OSHA to prevent injuries, illness and fatalities in the workplace. The purpose of each alliance is to develop compliance assistance tools and resources, and to educate workers and employers about their rights and responsibilities.


  1. OSHA and its Crane, Hoist and Monorail partners renew alliance, KHL, 7 March 2016. 

Manitowoc Crane's Eric Etchart Retires

Manitowoc's Eric Etchart retires
After 33 years working at Manitowoc, Eric Etchart has retired. He held the president and general manager post from 2007 to 2015.

Mostly based in USA, Etchart also travels around to work in China, Singapore, Italy and France.

Etchart will now work outside the crane industry on company boards and as a non-executive director in international businesses. He will be a guest of Manitowoc at this year's Bauma exhibition in Munich, Germany that is going to take place in mid-April.


  1. Etchart retires from Manitowoc, KHL, 7 March 2016.

Mammoet orders five Spierings Cranes

Photo of Mammoet's Wouter van Noort & Martin Tuijtel with Spierings's Koos Spierings
Wouter van Noort  (Mammoet) (Left), Koos Spierings (Spierings) (Center) and Martin Tuijtel (Mammoet) (Right)
Mammoet Nederland has placed order with Dutch crane manufacturer Spierings for five mobile tower crane. They will receive the newest Spierings model, the SK 597-AT4 with a 48 metre jib length.

Wouter van Noort, managing director for the Benelux, said, "The new SK 597-AT4 cranes are a welcome addition to our crane fleet. The 48 metre jib length, together with a compact vehicle length, is the perfect combination to many of our customers. The machines will be divided  over plants in Assen, Geleen and Hoogvliet. During the construction crises, we've slimmed down our mobile tower crane fleet. Lately, however, we're noticing an increasing demand for this type of crane. That's why we're investing in five new Spierings tower cranes."

Koos Spierings, sales engineer for Spierings in the benelux and UK, explained, "We have noticed a strong recovery for the market of mobile tower cranes, both in the Netherlands and aboard. We are very pleased with the order for five new SK 597-AT4 cranes. We will also be delivering Mammoet a new SK1265-AT6 later this year. We're proud that a prestigious company as Mammoet has chosen Spierings cranes."

Spierings has already delivered its first eight machines of the new SL 597-AT4 and, over the last few months, said it has received more than 40 orders for this crane.


  1. Mammoet orders five Spierings cranes, KHL, 26 February 2016.

Manitowoc Launches Grove GMK4100L-1 Taxi Crane

Grove's new GMK4100L-1 all terrain crane
The Grove GMK4100L-1 comes with single engine concept and new facelift.
Grove has had a four axle 100 ton capacity all terrain for years, but the GMK4100L-1 is a new design that promises notable improvements as part of a new generation of Grove taxi cranes. It has a 60 metre boom. The old model had two engines but the new one has only one, which means more counterweight can be carried on board, allowing it to lift more. Grove claims it has the best load charts in its class when configured with full counterweight, or when set up to run within the 12 ton per load limit.

The new 100 ton is 2.55m wide instead of the 2.75m of its predecessor, GMK4100L, and overall length is also 0.5m shorter. The Tier IV Final/Euromot 4 engine has a Fuel Saver function to reduce fuel consumption. It has the new Crane Control System (CCS), which will appear on all new Manitowoc products. The CCS includes Boom Configurator Mode where the operator inputs the weight of te load, radius and height to be lifted to, and the system automatically configures the correct boom length.

Boosting the crane's overall reach is an 18 metre telescopic swing-away jib, which can be extended with an 8 metre boom extension for a total jib length of 26m. The jib offers an improved offset of 0-45º. The look of the crane has also been improved with a facelift that includes a new ergonomic carrier cab.

Jens Ennen, senior vice president of all terrain and truck mounted cranes at Manitowoc, said the new GMK4100L-1 is the result of improvements and innovations developed at the factory in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, where the crane is built. "We have focused strongly on bringing superior reliability, return on investment (ROI), ease of transportation, user friendliness and capacity to this crane,' he said. "With class-leading load charts and specifications, the new GMK4100L-1 exceeded our expectations in both performance and reliability so we are expecting the GMK4100L-1 to continue this tradition."


  1. Manitowoc launches Grove GMK4100L-1 taxi crane, KHL, 26 February 2016.

Zoomlion ZCC1100H Crawler Crane (110 ton)

The Zoomlion ZCC crawler line was designed in the United States with world-class components, including a Hirschmann LMI system, Zollern free-fall winches and Cummins Tier 3 diesel engine.

One of the features is the the 110 ton crawler is able to strip down to under 12' and 100,000 pounds for easy transport wherever the crane is needed. At its weight, a first for a crawler this size, only low level permits are needed, allowing it to be transported quicker and more economical way.

The other features includes an optional third auxiliary winch, which allows simultaneous tasks, making its use more flexible. The optional third drum is available in standards and free fall options.

In the field-testing, it has out-picked its competitor like Kobelco, Sany, Link-Belt and more at the same capacity.

The ZCC1100H joins its larger brother, the ZCC3000H, as the only crawler cranes designed by Zoomlion for the western markets.

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Download Crane Load Chart Below


  1. 2015 Models of the Zoomlion ZCC1100 Rolling Out Now, Prweb, 19 February 2015. Retrieved 2016-02-26.

Double-digit increases for Cargotec's Hiab, Kalmar, MacGregor

Double-digit increases for Cargotec's Hiab, Kalmar, MacGregor
Sales at crane and material handling equipment manufacturer Cargotec, whom under its arm has brands like Hiab, Kalmar, MacGregor has reported an 11% of sales turnover in 2015. It has increased to €3,729 million in 2015 from €3,358 million in 2014. Operating profit was up, at €213 million (5.7% margin) from €127 million in 2015 (3.8%).

Splitting the sales into the three different brands,
  • Hiab sales increased 10% to €928 million
  • Kalmar sales increased 12% to €1,663 million
  • MacGregor sales increased 10% to €1,139 million

Sales were higher in all geographical areas, Finland-headquartered Cargotec reported. The EMEA region's share of the total declined to 40% from 43% a year earlier and APAC region's share increased to 32% from 30% while the Americas market remained the same at 28%.

As a total in Cargotec, Hiab contributes 25% sales, MacGregor 30% sales while Kalmar took the remaining 45%. Hiab cranes and other materials handling equipment are used in road transport. Kalmar cranes and materials handling equipment are used in ports and other dockside environments while MacGregor makes cranes and other materials handling equipment used in the marine or offshore environment.


  1. Double-digit increase at Hiab, Kalmar, MacGregor, KHL, 19 February 2016.

Nordic Crane purchased six units of Grove GMK Cranes

Nordic Crane working in oil platform in the north sea
Crane's superstructure is being lifted off the deck.
Norway-based crane provider, the Nordic Crane Group, recently purchased six units of Grove GMK cranes from Manitowoc dealer Norman Olsen. With over 300 cranes in its fleet, Nordic Crane took delivery of one unit of GMK5310-2, one unit of GMK6300L and four units of GMK5220 in 2015.

One of the GMK5220 was put to work immediately to work on an oil platform in the North Sea where it was tasked with dismantling a derrick tower. The crane was disassembled ashore and reassembled on the platform. The job was completed in five month.

"Grove cranes are durable, reliable machines and operators find the fast set-up time an added bonus," says Ove Grina, sales manager at Normann Olsen. "The strength and mobility of the Grove cranes make them an excellent choice for any company's fleet."

Related: New Appointed Finland Grove Dealer Sells Two Cranes

The Grove GMK5130-2 all terrain crane has a capacity of 130 ton and 60m two-lock boom while the 220 ton capacity GMK5220 features a 68m boom which can be extended to 105m with a jib. The 500 ton capacity GMK6300L offers the longest boom in its class at 80m and can be extended further with a 37m jib. For ease of set-up and tear-down, the crane can install and remove its outrigger box.

"Grove cranes are easy to operator and are user-friendly, making them ideal for a variety of jobs," says Thorsten Bolender, area sales manager at Manitowoc Cranes. "The GMK5130-2 and GMK5220 have a higher lifting capacity compared to other machines in this class and they provide greater mobility thanks to their all-wheel steering. The GMK6300L offers some of the strongest lifting abilities of any six-axle all terrain crane, making it perfectly suited to the wide variety of work the machine will carry out.

The Nordic Crane Group was founded in 2008 and offers crane services across Scandinavia.

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Check out more photos below of the job completed by Nordic Crane at North Sea
job completed by Nordic Crane at North Sea

job completed by Nordic Crane at North Sea

job completed by Nordic Crane at North Sea

job completed by Nordic Crane at North Sea

For more information about the cranes, please click on the following links


  1. Nordic Crane Group invests in six Grove GMK Cranes, Manitowoc Cranes, 22 February 2016.

Grove GMK5250L All Terrain Crane (250 ton)

News was released in 7th April 2015 that Grove has launched its GMK5250L, a new single engine 250 tonne five axle all terrain crane, which Grove claims it has the strongest reach and load chart of any five-axle crane.

The new 250 tonne all terrain crane feature a 70 metres, seven-section main boom and a 12 to 21 metres hydraulic bi-fold swingaway jib extension, which can offset from 5 to 50 degrees. The swingaway jib extension can be extended further with two eight metre inserts for a total jib length of 37 metres. This means the maximum lifting height is 110 metres. An optional integrated heavy duty jib is also available.

Powered by a single Tier IV final/Euromot 4 engine, the crane features a new VIAB turbo clutch and integrated retarder which Grove claims is the first mobile crane to feature such system. The VIAB turbo clutch eliminates both fluid overheating and clutching burning, while enabling wear-free starting and braking. It is also said to provide up to 30% savings in fuel compared to its predecessor.

A newly designed superstructure cab, with new jog dial and joystick controllers, also features the company's Crane Control System and Boom Configuration Mode, which allows the operator to input the lift parameters - radius, load and distance to be moved - before it calculates the best boom configuration and automatically extends to the required length.

With a lighter weight than the GMK5220, the crane's 12 tonne axle loadings and configuration are said to be easier to move in countries with stricter axle loading requirements, such as USA, Canada, Norway, Australia and Japan. For countries with higher axles loadings (e.g UK - 16.5 tonne), the crane is able to travel with 21 tonnes of counterweight onboard.

On site, it can travel with its full 80 tonnes of counterweight in place. An optional self-rigging auxiliary hoist is available too, which eliminates the need for an assist crane.

Some other features includes all-wheel steering, Megatrak independent suspension and its Man Machine Interface (MMI) system - which already featured on their 300 tonne GMK6300L and 400 tonne GMK6400 all terrain. This allows the suspension to be controlled even while in a locked position.


  1. UK-based Richard Bladwins has purchased the first two units of Grove GMK5250L for the UK Market in 2015. The new machines were dispatched in December and are working on construction and engineering projects across the UK, as well as erecting tower cranes in London.

Download Crane Load Chart Below


  1. New 250t Grove AT,, 7 April 2015. Retrieved 2016-02-25.
This article is updated on 25th February 2016.

U.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter raised concerns over national security over Zoomlion bid for Terex

Duncan Hunter on issues of Terex-Zoomlion acquisition
Will Terex-Zoomlion deal a possible national security issue ? Duncan Hunter raise concerns.
U.S. Congressman, Duncan Hunter has raised concerns about a possible Zoomlion-Terex deal in a letter to U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, citing that the Chinese company's long time association with China People's Liberation Army.

"The fact that a leading PLA supplier is seeking to purchase an American company that provides critical infrastructure equipment to a number of government agencies ... demands that the agreement undergo thorough scrutiny," Hunter said.

Terex shares rose as much as 8% to $22.08 on Wednesday. But they stayed well below Zoomlion's offer of $30  - a price the stock has not hit since November 2014. It also an indication that investors do not expect the deal to go through.

Both Zoomlion and Konecranes have bid for Terex with the same reason - better cope Chinese and weak European demand.

Reuters reported in January that a Zoomlion-Terex deal could be blocked by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFUIS). However, Zoomlion was confident they would get regulatory approval for the deal.

Terex has 97 so-called priority-rated contracts with the U.S government that could attract CFIUS scrutiny. It also provides mobile cranes in ports that are seen as a critical part of U.S. infrastructure.

CFIUS Review

A formal CFIUS review of Zoomlion's acquisition of Terex would likely to take up to 75 days, according to people familiar with the matter. Terex has not informed Zoomlion how long it will take to make a decision on its latest proposal.

While Terex disclosed Zoomlion's approach on 26 January 2016, Zoomlion first reached out to Terex to express interest at the start of the fourth quarter of 2016 and made its latest offer on 4 December 2015, according to the sources. Zoomlion does not plan to go hostile with its bid for Terex should it be rebuffed.

The financing commitments Zoomlion has received for the transaction are valid for the entirety of the potential  CFIUS review, until the deal closes, and include commitments from Chinese banks, according to sources.

While U.S are raising concerns on national security issues, Province of Human and Hony Capital, which together with management own about 30% of Zoomlion's shares, both supported the Terex transaction.

Other Deal Fallen Due to National Security

There was a number of offers from Chinese companies to buy or invest in U.S companies which have fallen through due to concerns about national security.

Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc on Tuesday rejected an offer from China Resources Microelectronics Ltd and Hua Capital Management Co Ltd on concerns that U.S regulators would reject the deal.


Zoomlion bids for Terex, attempt to override merger with Konecranes

Terex, Konecranes and Zoomlion merger
What will be the final decision for Terex ?
Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co. offered to buy US crane-maker Terex Corporation for an estimated amount of US$ 3.3 billion, an attempt to override an existing deal between Terex and Finland's Konecranes.

Zoomlion's unsolicited offer on 26 January 2016, which sent Terex shares soaring on Tuesday, appears to the first time a Chinese construction machinery company has openly tried to buy a U.S rival, analysts said. Chinese machinery manufacturers have had limited success penetrating the U.S market with their own brands. China's equipment market - the world's largest - is mired in a prolonged slump.

Corporate bond research firm Gimme Credit reports that Zoomlion has significantly lower operating margins than Terex. The company reported a loss of 391 million yuan (US$59.4 million) in the 3rd quarter ended 30 September 2015.

Zoomlion couldn't be reached for comment.

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Terex said on Tuesday that Zoomlion offered US$30 in cash for each Terex share, making the deal worth about US$3.3 billion. Terex stock surged 37% to close at $20.50 a share after the offer was disclosed.

Under the all-stock deal with Konecranes, announced in August 2015, the Finnish company would exchange 0.8 share for each Terex share. Based on Konecranes's closing stock price in Finland on Tuesday and on current exchange rates, each Terex share would be valued around US$18. Terex shareholders would get 60% of a new company to be called Konecranes Terex based in Finland.

Terex said its board hasn't backed away from an earlier endorsement of the Konecranes merger, but that Terex has entered discussions with Zoomlion regarding the proposal. Terex declined to comment further until its board finished reviewing the new offer.

Konecranes said on Tuesday it will continue to pursue the merger of equals with Terex, calling the deal "a highly compelling opportunity for both companies".

Connecticut-based Terex was built through a series of acquisition starting in the mid-1990s. It sells a broad line of cranes used at construction sites, ocean ports and in factories. The company also sells rock crushers and mechanized aerial work platforms used by construction workers, painters and window washers. The global crane market has mostly struggled to rebound since the 2008 recession sharply reduced skyscraper construction and big infrastructure projects in Europe and the U.S

China manufacturers including Zoomlion and Sany Heavy Industry Co. have had difficulty gaining more than a small foothold in the U.S over the past decade, said Frank Manfredi, an industry consultant in Cocoa, Fla. Their lack of dealer networks to provide repairs and other service is considered a critical shortcoming, because customers can't afford to wait long when machines break down. Many experienced dealers are already committed to established equipment suppliers like Caterpillar Inc. and Komatsu Ltd.

Rental companies are increasingly large buyers of equipment, but they too need service. Though Chinese equipment is often 30% or more cheaper than U.S made products, rental companies generally "are not willing to take a risk on a brand they don't know", Mr. Manfredi said. Terex has long been a big supplier to rental companies and could presumably help Zoomlion penetrate that market.


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Terex and Konecranes merger plans halted

Konecranes and Terex logo and new name
The planning of the proposed merger between Terex Corporation and Konecranes has been paused.

A Terex statement said "it would be prudent to pause the integration planning activities for the time bring. This will allow the Terex management steam to devote its attention to improving the company's operating results and delivering on management's commitment to shareholders."

The Terex Board of Directors recommendation of the merger still stands and filings are ongoing in pursuit of approvals from shareholders, anti-trust and regulatory authorities necessary to complete the merger, Terex said.

Terex and Konecranes announced the merger proposal to form Konecranes Terex last August. Since then, Terex received an unsolicited offer from Chinese crane and construction equipment manufacturer Zoomlion to acquire it for US$ 3.3 billion.


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Liebherr rolled out a new 100 ton crawler crane - LR1100

liebherr new 100 ton crawler crane launched
Liebherr-Werk Nenzing in Austria has developed a new 100 ton capacity class lattice boom crawler crane. The LR1100 will make its debut at the Bauma exhibition in Germany in mid-April 2015 and deliveries will start in the middle of the year.

In a departure from conventional design where steel plate is used, the new crane has a tubular structure. This improves performance and gives the crane a different appearance, said Liebherr.

East transport and quick set up are features of the new LR1100. The boom foot and crawler track frames stay on during transport, The catwalks can be fold down instead of having to be dismantled and removed.

One of the special option, is a counterweight system that can be swung backwards hydraulically, increasing capacity by around 20%.

In addition, fixed and luffing jibs are also available as optional.

The crawler crane is powered by a 230 kW diesel engine built to meet Stage IV and Tier 4 Final exhaust emission standards. Engines without exhaust after treatment can be specified for markets with other regulations, said Liebherr.


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Shinui Petra takes South Korea's first MLC650 crawler crane

Shinui Petra's Manitowoc MLC650, first unit in South Korea
Shinui Petra's Manitowoc MLC650 - First in South Korea
Shinui Petra, one of South Korea's largest construction equipment rental companies, has introduced a ground-breaking crawler crane into its rental fleet - the MLC650 from Manitowoc. The crane has been specially selected for its unique Variable Position Counterweight (VPC), a design feature which allows for reduced ground preparation, space requirements and counterweight. All of these attributes makes the MLC650 ideal for use in South Korea, where work sites are often congested.

Choi Byung Eun
"When we first saw the MLC650 at the CONEXPO 2014 exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, my team and I were thoroughly impressed by the unique VPC technology. The ability for this crawler crane to navigate with ease in highly congested job sites, coupled with its increased capacity for heavy lifts without traditional counterweight configurations, gives us a strong competitive advantage," said Choi Byung Eng, president and CEO of Shinui Petra.

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The MLC650 has 104m of main boom to which up to 30m of fixed jib can be added. A 101m luffing jib is also available to reach a maximum lifting height of 157m. Shinui Petra has ordered the performance-enhancing VPC-MAX attachment for the MLC650 which enables the crane to raise 140m boom or a boom and luffing jib combination of 205m. In addition, its maximum capacity is boosted to 700 ton with the VPC-MAX. The MLC650 has joined the Shinui Petra rental fleet and has already completed its first lifts.

The crane is well-suited to infrastructure applications and so it is perfect for their first task - installing of concrete beams for the construction of an elevated road. With extreme limited space for the crawler crane's assembly, the MLC650 was still able to setup swiftly due to the considerably lesser space required comparing to alternative cranes in the market. 

The counterweight does not have to be fully extended to the rear of the crane during setup, nor it touches the ground in the process. Moreover, MLC650 does not have carbody counterweights and with the VPC-MAX system, it eliminate the need to remove or install counterweight after or during a lift. As a result, time and cost are greatly reduced.

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For the project, MLC650 was rigged with 56m main boom, VPC-MAX attachment, 400 ton counterweight and hook block with 10 part-lines. It lift the 150 ton load to a working radius of up to 40 metres.

"The VPC changes the way companies think about the projects," Bruce Buchan, SVP crawler crane at Manitowoc Cranes. "It not only enhances crane capacity, but also reduced mobilization time on the job site which, in return, saves customers a significant amount of time and money, delivering a faster return on investment to them.

The patented VPC system is also deployed in Manitowoc's largest crawler crane, the Manitowoc 31000, which has a maximum capacity of 2,300 ton. One of these units is also based in South Korea, working for Chunjo Construction Co. Ltd.

Park Jong Seoung
Park Jong Seoung, general manager for Manitowoc Cranes in South Korea, said the company's ongoing commitment to innovation had helped it build a loyal customer base in the country.

"The legacy of Manitowoc crawler cranes in South Korea spans several decades and crane owners here have always appreciated the company's ability to bring new levels of performance to the industry," he said. "So, it's no surprise that the VPC is proving so popular. We're delighted that Shinui Petra has taken delivery of this MLC650 and we feel confident that other VPC-equipped cranes from Manitowoc will be arriving in the country in future."