Terex-Demag CC2800-1 NT Crawler Crane (600 ton)

VestKran CC2800-1 NT with outriggers on the ground
Image Credit: VestKran
As part of Demag's plans to strengthen its position in the crawler market, they have introduced the CC2800-1 NT, a narrow track version of Demag CC2800-1 in 2006. With a chassis width of five metres, the crane was tailored specially for erecting of turbines at wind farms or sites that has restricted access.

During the customer day, eight orders were placed with the first crane to be delivered already on shipment to Finland while the second unit, the crane at the event was due for shipment to Canada purchased by Guay Inc of Quebec, whom also ordered a AC500 at the same time.

The narrow track chassis enables the crane to be moved, fully rigged, from one windmill to the next along the roads that are five metres wide. With the elimination of dismantling, transportation and subsequent re-erection, it not only saves time but increase productivity at site as well.

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Technical Specifications

Most of the specifications of CC2800-1 NT is similar to CC2800-1, except with the addition of the Narrow Track Kit. The kit can be used either with a 1.2 metre wide track shoes for a narrower overal width, or a 1.5 metre wide track shoes for lower ground pressures, depending on site condition.

Ease of Transportation
The carbody is the largest single unit, measuring 3.5 metres wide and weighing 36 ton. The sideways outriggers are three metres wides and can be transported with its pads attached.

The counterweight is fitted a metres lower than on a standard crane to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible to maximise lateral stability.

The unit can travel with boom configurations of up to 114 metres, with up to 2.4 degrees of lateral tilt approved by the manufacturer.

The CC 2800-1 NT can self erect itself, with 102 metres of SH/LH SGLmax S7 boom and 12 metres luffing fly jib without an assist crane. Some other features include a low centre of gravity and low ground pressure. The superstructure of NT version is the same as the CC 2800-1 so it can still be converted into a standard crane.

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Brazil-based IMPSA Wind took delivery of the first CC2800-1 NT in Brazil on 2010. the crane was handed over to José Eduardo Teixeira de Carvalho Filho. They specialized in development and manufacture of the 1.5 to 2.1 MW wind turbines.

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Demag AC655 All Terrain Crane (250 ton)

Photo by O'Grady Crane Hire and Transport.


Liebherr LTM1250-5.1 All Terrain Crane (250 ton)

Technical Specifications


India-based JNK Lifters has purchase the LTM1250-5.1, their first unit of Liebherr crane at Bauma Conexpo India 2016.


Load Chart in English (Metric) Load Chart in English (Imperial)

Lorain L-790 Crawler Crane (100 US ton)



Tadano Faun ATF110G-5 All Terrain Crane (110 ton)

Merkle's ATF110G-5 displayed in Tadano Crane Day 2015
Image Credit: Cranepedia

Technical Specifications

The Tadano ATF110G-5 is built on a 5 axle carrier with 4 point, double telescopic outriggers and powered by a Mercedes-Benz 380kW 8 cylinder diesel engine. The ZF-AS Tronic transmission with 16 forward and 2 reverse gears is backed up with 10 wheel drive traction and hydro-pneumatic levelling suspension.

Torsion-resistant steel is used on the ATF110G-5 superstructure to support the 52m, 5 section telescopic main boom that is capable of lifting 110 tonne. A Mercedes-Benz 129kW 4 cylinder diesel supplies the power while an air conditioned full panoramic superstructure cab provides a safe and comfortable control centre. Divisible counterweights to 11 tonne are operated through the cab.

Upgrading of the crane
Due to the popularity, the ATF110G-5 will debut again in ConExpo 2017 with several new and enhance features including multiple counterweight configurations for ease of transport and the new AML-F LMI that includes full on-board diagnostics.

Other additional features includes:
  • Asymmetrical outrigger set up, exclusive life-release adjuster safety system that provides radius correction for boom deflection under load
  • Main and auxiliary drum and front mounted drivers cab cameras
  • Cost effective flat front drivers cab glass
  • Quick removable hose reel with stand

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Indonesia-based mining and earthmoving contractor, PT. Pamapersada Nusantara took delivery of the very first unit of Tadano all terrain, ATF110G-5 in the country on September 2007. The Tadano President, Mr. Koichi Tadano, specially made a visit to Jakarta and presented a special commemorative plaque to PT. Pama's President Director, Mr. Sudiarso Prasetio.

Singapore-based crane rental company, Hiap Heng has taken delivery of the first ATF110G-5 in Singapore and South East Asia in 2006.

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Liebherr LR11350 Crawler Crane (1,350 ton)

Photo of one of Korea's largest construction company, Chunjo, using Liebherr LR11350 to lift a ring segment. The crane is coupled with back mast and superlift.

Technical Specifications

Technical Data Metric Imperial
Max. load capacity 1,000 t 2,205,000 lbs
at radius 11.00 m 36 ft
Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight from 18 m 59 ft
Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight up to 156 m 510 ft
Max. load torque 15,171 tm 112,000,000 lbs-ft
Lattice jib from 18.0 m 59 ft
Lattice jib up to 114.0 m 374 ft
Derrick boom from 30 m 98 ft
Derrick boom up to 36 m 118 ft
Central ballast 90 t 198,500 lbs
Counterweight at superstructure 250 t 551,000 lbs
Derrick ballast 450 t 992,000 lbs
Engine power 500 kW 680 hp
Driving speed 1.36 km/h 680.00 mph
Total ballast 790.00 t 1,741,650 lbs

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The first unit of LR11350 in the world was delivered to China, which also was China's first unit of LR11350. In fact, the second unit manufactured went to China as well.

Indonesia-based heavy lift specialist, PT. Guna Teguh Abadi (GTA Construction) has taken delivery for Indonesia's first unit of Liebherr LR11350 crawler crane in 2014. The LR11350 maiden project was at a new fertiliser factory complex in Palembang, South Sumatra, with its first lift carried out at the end of September. The maximum single lift for the Liebherr LR11350 for the project was a 607 tonnes CO2 absorber in a vertical position.

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Joint Venture "VIETSOVPETRO" (VSP) has taken delivery of the first unit of Liebherr LR11350 in Vietnam in 2009. The crawler crane was delivered to the JV fabrication yard in Vung Tau, performing lifting duties throughout the fabrication of modules for Hai Thatch well head platform (WHP-HTI Jacket) for Bien Dong 1 project.

New PowerBoom System for LR11350

Liebherr has unveiled the PowerBoom system for the LR11350 crawler at their Ehingen's factory in Germany. Originally developed for the LR13000, the innovative technology has also been transferred to the smaller LR11350. The innovation uses two parallel booms to improve the lifting chart of the crane by up to 70% in some scenarios. Weldex was the first client to be attracted with technology, buying the first unit of LR11350-P1800.

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Load Chart in English (Metric), Eurogruas


Weldex has show interest and bought the first unit of the LR11350-P1800. The crane was immediately shipped from factory to Eemshaven, Netherlands for a wind power job. The job was a joint effort together with Mammoet, which was also one of the major Dutch competitors.

The scope was to lift the 18 metres by 7 metres machine housing of a 6MW class wind turbine belonging to Repower (renamed to Senvion). The 340 tonnes load has to be raised onto a tower of height 110 metres. The gross weight of the load including hook and tackle was 378 tonnes. A total of two 6MW from Repower were installed by the LR11350-P1800 in Eemshaven, which both served as test facilities. Plans are for 48 turbines of the similar type to be installed from 2013 onwards in the North Sea East offshore windpark, off the island of Heligoland.

Tadano Faun ATF360G-6 All Terrain Crane (360 ton)

MIC Group ATF360G-6 parking along the roadside. Photo by Chalk2 Blog.
Tadano marks their great achievement once again during the launching of ATF360G-6 during the Bauma exhibition held in Munich during 2007.  The new flagship ATF360G-6 was then the largest 6-axle all terrain available in the market with some impressive 60 metres main boom and strong load charts that could compete with German manufacturers like Liebherr and Terex of similar capacities - without a superlift or guy system.

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Technical Specifications

Power Unit
The ATF360G-6 is a 6-axle all terrain crane that are fitted on a Faun RTF 360G-6 carrier, powered by a Mercedes Benz OM502LA engine. The water-cooled 4-cycle V8 fuel direct injection engine with a rated output of 448 kW (609 PS) at 1,800 rpm with a maximum torque of 2,700 Nm (275 kgf.m) at 1,200 rpm.

The superstructure is powered also by a Mercedes Benz engine, OM906LA, a water-cooled 4-cycle inline 6-cylinders diesel engine with a rated output of 205 kW (278 PS) at 2,200 rpm and a maximum torque of 1,110 Nm (112 kgf.m) at 1,200 to 1,600 rpm.

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Hydraulic Telescoping Luffing Jib (HTLJ)
On this 360 ton all terrain, Tadano has displayed a new concept for boom attachment called the Hydraulic Telescoping Luffing Jib, HTLJ in short. With the HTLJ, it gives a boost to the 60 metres main boom a further 31 metres of reach, hence increasing the maximum lifting height and working to 92 metres and 65 metres respectively. The HTLJ can telescope out from 10.3 to 31 metres and luff with the design of three powerful hydraulic cylinders.

One of the beauty is that the four-section telescopic jib is designed to be fitted onto the main boom quickly and can be done by just one person, without the need of an assist crane. With the assistance of a remote control, the rigging of the jib attachment take just a mere 20 minutes.

Tadano has also consider the safety aspects during the design of the jib as it can be attach at ground level thus eliminating the risks associated with working at height.

Other Jib Attachments
Some other jib configurations available for the ATF360G-6 includes fixed jib from 14 to 57 metres or luffing jib 20 to 72 metres, giving a maximum hook height of 120 metres.

Overall Length: 15,460 mm
Overall Width: 3,000 mm
Overall Height: 4,020 mm
Gross Vehicle Weight: 46,500 kg (Carrier plus Swing Body without boom)

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BQ-Tadano GT550E Hydraulic Truck Crane (55 ton)

Tadano GT550E Hydraulic Truck Crane (55 ton)
Iamge Credit: Cranepedia
In previous model of Tadano's truck crane, the carriers has been built by commercial vehicle manufacturers such as Nissan, but things took a turn when Yusoki Kogyo, the subcontractor of Tadano's supplier Nissan, was taken over in 2004 by Fuji Heavy Industries and stopped producing crane carriers.

Hence, Tadano decided to produce their own carriers (TC-4255) for the truck cranes. The productions of the new carriers took place at their factory in Shido, Japan in January 2006 for the GT550E domestically and overseas.

Some of the carriers are being supplied to their joint venture company in China, BQ-Tadano (Beijing) Crane Co., Ltd for its production in China. (Note that GT550E-2 is using Jingcheng chassis)

The GT550E has a 42 metres (138 feet) boom and two-stage 14.6 metres (48 feet) jib. It is available in left hand drive and the operator cab has joystick controls and air conditioning. Top speed i s83 km/h from the 257 kW Nissan diesel and eight speed gearbox.

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Technical Specifications

Nissan Diesel Motor Company supplies the powertrain for the Tadano's carrier. The 8x4 carrier has a turbocharged six-cylinder Nissan PF6TB Euro 2 diesel engine with a maximum output of 257 kW at 2,100 rpm and maximum torque of 1460 Nm at 1,200 rpm.

The dry single clutch release mechanism with air assisted booster. The transmission has seven forward and one reverse speeds, with synchromesh on second to seventh hear and constant-mesh on first and reverse gears.

Front axles are reverse-Elliot type with leaf spring suspension while the rear axles are full floating type with equalizer beams and torque rods.

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Main Boom
GT550E comes with a five-section hexagonal box construction shape telescoping boom with 6 sheaves at boom head. The synchronization system consists of 2 telescopic cylinders, extension and retraction cables. When fully extended, the full boom length is 42.0m. It can be operated in 2 different boom telescoping modes.

Fixed Jib
The crane can also be equipped with a 2-staged bi-fold fixed jib at length of 9m and14.6m capable of offsetting at 5°, 25° and 45°. In additional, the crane adapts a underslung installation method which the jib is stow under the base boom section.

Overall Length: 13,480 mm
Overall Width: 2,820 mm
Overall Height: 3,680 mm
Gross Vehicle Weight: 39,800 kg
Front Axle: 15,900 kg
Rear Axle: 23,900 kg

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Tadano HK65 Truck Mounted Crane (65 ton)

Tadano HK65 in Sarens Colours
Tadano HK65 in Sarens colour. Cranepedia

Technical Specifications



BQ-Tadano GT550E-2 Hydraulic Truck Crane (55 ton)

Tadano GT550E-2 with its boom up in the sky
GT550E-2 with its boom up. Image Credit: Cranepedia
It can be backdated to as long as 2003 where Tadano has established a joint company, BQ-Tadano (Beijing) Crane Co., Ltd, becoming the first joint venture company to manufacture construction cranes in China.

This was one of the strategies made by Tadano in order to compete against the competitive truck cranes makers in the market without compromising on their quality. Since then, BQ-tadano has becomes the key manufacturing and sales location in China for Tadano's truck crane.

Although considered to be manufacture in China, Tadano has ensure that major components, such as the crane engine and hydraulic cylinders are imported from Germany and Japan while the assembly of the crane took place in Beijing, under strict supervision and quality control of engineers from Tadano Japan.

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Technical Specifications

The carrier was manufactured by Jingcheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd with left hand steering and 8x4 driving axles. It was fitted with a Euro 3 Daimler OM457LA.III/7 engine with a maximum output of 260 kW (354ps) at 1,900 rpm. GT550E-2 can travel at a maximum speed of 75km/h.

Main Boom
The 55 ton truck crane comes with a 5-section, 42m main boom (said to be the longest in its class). Moreover, the boom has a round hexagonal box boom designed using high tensile steel to decrease the self-weight of the boom and increase the boom strength.

Moreover the crane have two telescoping mode which one extend the 2nd section and synchronized the 3rd, 4th & 5th sections and the other mode synchronize the 3rd, 4th and 5th sections and 2nd section is operated independently. These differences in the telescoping modes allows the GT550E-2 to enhance on its crane capabilities according to the lifting needs at site.

2-Stage Bi-fold Jib
To increase the lifting height, it can also be equipped with a 2-stage bi-fold extension jib for either 8.8m or 15.2m extension. It can achieve a maximum lifting height of 57.2m with the full fix jib extension.

Overall Length: 13,480 mm
Overall Width: 2,820 mm
Overall Height: 3,680 mm
Gross Vehicle Mass: 41,500 kg
Front: 16,800 kg
Rear: 24,700 kg

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Onboard Counterweight
Like most of the Japanese truck cranes, GT550E-2 counterweight are mounted on the crane's body and does not need to be remove while traveling on the road, hence saving time and money for additional assembly and transportation of the crane's counterweight.

Latest AML-C Indicator
The crane has also been fitted with Tadano's latest Automatic Moment Limiter (AML-C) which display operating conditions such as boom length, boom angle, load radius, slewing position, actual load, total rated load, outriggers position, jib length, jib offset angle and the number of part-lines. In addition, the AML-C also provides a working range limit function which crane operators can set the limits for constraint working environment.

Asymmetric Outriggers Extension Width
The GT550E-2 offers three different outriggers extensions width: fully retracted at 2.39m, intermediate extended at 4.6m and fully extended at 6.8m. With the help of the new AML-C system, even when the outriggers extension width differs between any of the four outriggers, the AML will detects such working conditions and displays the optimal value for each work area.

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This article is originally created on 26th October 2014 and has recently been updated with new information.

Demag CC1400 Crawler Crane (300 ton)

Demolition company Hofstede from Rotterdam own this crane
CC1400 own by Netherlands' based demolition company Hofstede. More photos at Trucks & Cranes.

Technical Specifications

The undercarriage is 8.25m wide and 9m long.

The luffing jib is maximum 60m long, combined with 72m of main boom. With superlift, it can be erected with a 72m + 66m configuration.

Download Load Chart Below

Load Chart in English (Metric) Load Chart in English (Imperial)

Demag CC600 Crawler Crane (140 ton)

Backacter's CC600 working as a yard crane
Owned by Backacter used as yard crane. More photos at Trucks and Cranes.

Technical Specifications

The 140 ton crawler crane can be equipped with 55 ton of counterweight and the tailswing of 5.85m.


Load Chart in English (Metric) Load Chart in English (Imperial)

Kobelco SL16000J-H Crawler Crane (1,250 ton)

We are looking for good crane photos

Technical Specifications

The SL16000J-H is able to lifts 1,250 ton at a 10m radius (using super heavy lift specifications). The giant crane also has a maximum combination length of 85m luffing jib with a 95m main boom.

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Load Chart in English (Metric) Load Chart in English (Imperial)

Liebherr LTM1800NX All Terrain Crane (Japanese Version)

LTM1800NX setup with superlift and luffing jib
LTM1800NX setup with superlift and luffing jib. Image Credit: Tefutefu Crane

Technical Specifications


Grove GRT880 Rough Terrain Crane (80 ton)

The new GRT880 to be feature during ConExpo 2017
Image Credit: Manitowoc Cranes
Manitowoc is set to display their newest roughter, GRT880 at its booth for CONEXPO 2017 after an introduction was also made during BAUMA Germany 2016. This crane is fitted with several class-leading capabilities and Manitowoc's Crane Control System (CCS).

Product manager for Manitowoc's rough terrain crane, Paul Cutchall, has mentioned that through the advancement of their Product Verification Centre (PVC), each of the component has undergone extensive component validation and prototype testing and using these knowledge, they have been able to improve the roughter from ground up.

Technical Specifications

The GRT880 features a 41m (135ft) main boom that is lighter than other cranes in its capacity class and comes with a full complement of boom extension and insert options. It also has an outstanding reach of 60.9m (200 ft) and a maximum tip height of 68m (223ft). Though the boom might be lighter and longer then its predecessor, it has the ability to lift heavier loads across its load chart.

Comparable to other roughter of the same class, like Tadano GR800EX, the GRT880 is more versatile than its competitor cranes - boasting up to 16% increase in load charts at full radius, 13% greater in mid-range and 27% at close radii.  With offsettable boom and fly jib extensions, the crane will enables customer to lift heavier loads to greater heights.

Though the offsettable jib is manual, the new boom extension stowage system reduce the erection and stowage time by 60% comparing to previous generation Grove cranes. Reducing time in setup and dissemble means lesser cost and increase in ROI.

The GRT880 also had the best-in-class hoist line pulls at 7,883kg (13, 380lbs) on both the main and auxiliary hoists. It reduce the number of part-lines needed to lift loads from similar capacity cranes which in turn higher productivity and faster earnings.


So far the load chart has not been released in the internet yet, but we will keep it in our mind and upload once it is available.