Tadano TR250M-6 (CREVO250) Rough Terrain Crane (25 ton)

Asiagroup's TR250M-6 getting prepared for a job and going out to site. 

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Tadano GR300N-1 (CREVO 300) Rough Terrain Crane (30 ton)

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  1. Photo. BNB Global.

Kato MR350R (KRM35H-II) City Range Rough Terrain Crane (35 ton)

Takenaka Jyuki Kato MR350R Rough Terrain Crane
The crane belong to one of the Japanese crane rental company, Takenaka Jyuki.

Kato MR350R is a 35 ton capacity city crane produced for Japan domestic market. The 35 ton rough terrain crane comes with a six-section box-shaped telescopic boom up to 32.5 metres and can reach a maximum lifting height of 47.3m with an optional 14 metres jib.

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  1. Photo of Kato MR350R. Takenaka Jyuki.

Grove GMK7450 All Terrain Crane (450 tonnes)

Saren's Grove GMK7450 setting up luffing jib
The famous "blue" Sarens setup the crane on all four outriggers with counterweight and mobilising the luffing jib attachment.

Grove GMK7450, Manitowoc's new 450 tonnes all terrain crane make its first European appearance during Intermat 2003. GMK7450 featured a five-section MEGA-FORM boom, providing a 197 feet of reach, and can deliver a maximum lifting height of 420 feet when equipped with a optional 240 foot luffing jib. In addition, the 450 tonnes all terrain crane has MEGA WING-LIFT attachment, which also debuted at Intermat, enabling the GMK7450 to boost its lifting capacity from 25 percent to as much as 60 percent on its maximum boom length.

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Terex Explorer 5600 All Terrain Crane (160 tonnes / 180 US ton)

Explorer 5600 as shown on CraneWeb and being advertised by Exact Crane and Equipment Corp. 

Terex debuted the newest crane in its Explorer all terrain crane family, Explorer 5600. It resembles the bigger brother of the Explorer 5800, using the same family concept with similar features. The 160 tonnes (180 US ton) five axle crane was specially designed for road-ability. The boom extends only 1.4 metres (3.9 ft) over the front and an optional boom-off solution or dolly helps the crane to meet with stringent road standards. The 160 tonnes crane also has an automatic counterweight rigging system that enables the crane to be ready easier for work.

While compact in size, the Terex Explorer 5600 did not compromise to productivity. Featuring a 68 metres main boom, and maximum lifting height of 95 metres, the Explorer 5600 provides one of the strongest lift charts over the entire working range in this capacity class.

Like the previous Explorer family member, Explorer 5600 uses a single 405/265 kW Euro Tier 4 compliant diesel engine that will be used to drive the chassis and the superstructure. Equipped with a power management system that provides the best performance and efficiency for all load cycles to offer power when required and fuel economy when operating the superstructure. This aids in reduction of maintenance of number of components and maintenance points are also positioned in a centralised area to reduce service time as well.
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  1. Terex adds Explorer 5600 All Terrain Crane. Crane Works. 11 March 2014.

Terex Explorer 5800 All Terrain Crane (220 ton) Unveiled in Munich Bauma 2013

Explorer 5800 being display in Munich Bauma 2013
Explorer 5800 was unveiled in Munich Bauma 2013 as one of the latest all terrain crane displayed by Terex. The crane has comes with a new facelift and attracted many new visitors. 

On the opening day of Germany Bauma 2013, Terex has displayed their prototype for their new Terex Explorer all-terrain crane, the new 220 ton capacity class all terrain crane. Featuring a 70m telescopic main boom, it is fighting its way to outrun competitors manufacturers like Grove GMK5220, Tadano ATF220G-5 and Liebherr LTM1220-4.1.

Powered by a single Scania Euromot IV/Tier 4 diesel engine to operate both the carrier and superstructure, a unique controller automatically sense demand on the engine to offer power when requires and have better fuel economy while operating the crane.

Additionally, the 220 ton all-terrain crane can be configured to meet any axle load configuration from 9.1 ton to 16.5 ton, which is operational to any market in the world to meet the countries' requirement.

First Explorer 5800 in United Kingdom - Crane hire and heavy haulage specialist, NMT Crane Hire in Bedfordshire, UK has taken the delivery of the world's first unit of Terex Explorer 5800 to their existing fleet of Terex cranes ranging in size from 30 ton city class crane to 350 ton AC350 all terrain crane. The Terex Explorer 5800 crane replaces the long serving Terex AC200-1 crane as part of NMT's ongoing investment program.

First Explorer 5800 in Czech Republic - Malina Crane Hire , a Ostrava-based crane rental company in Czech Republic which has been in business for 16 years took delivery of Explorer 5800 to compliment their fleet of cranes ranging from 20 ton to 250 ton. Owner and President, Radek Malina has personally visited Terex Zweibrucken facility to pick up and start his own 1,020 km drives towards the crane's new home in Ostrava.

First Explorer 5800 in France - Michel and Arnaud Brouillard, owners of French based crane rental company S.V.M.M become the proud owners of the 220 ton class all terrain crane in April 2014. They inspection the crane at the inaugurated Visitor Center before it was driven to their headquarters.

Link-Belt ATC-3210 All Terrain Crane Unveiled at CONEXPO 2014 (185 ton / 210 US ton)

New Mexico-based company purchased the ATC-3210 in CONEXPO 2014. The crane was fuel and the photo show its arrival at Albuquerque Crane Service Location. This marks their seventh Link-Belt all terrain crane under their fleet. 

Link-Belt unveiled their second all terrain crane, ATC-3210 that is specially built for North American market during CONEXPO 2014. They have taken success from the ATC-3275 which was launched in CONEXPO 2001 as a success to shape this new 185 tonnes (210 US tonnes) all terrain crane. Considerations has been taken through extensive customer feedback, the ATC-3210 is built to meet the toughest transport laws in North America while also meeting Tier 4 and EPA 20143 on-highway requirements.

While transportation is critical to any market and to help with North America road laws, the counterweights are less than 10 tonnes (22,000 lbs) and can be grouped together with other components to maximise loads. The ATC-3210 with maximum counterweight, rigging, matting and fly extensions can be transported in just three truck loads.

The 185 tonnes (210 US ton) all terrain crane come with a 6-section full power latching boom that can be used with seven boom extend modes (EM1 - EM7). The ATC-3210 utilizes the ATC-3275 concept of upper engine mounted transversely to allow maximum space for a stowable fly jib. A 3.7 metres (12 foot) heavy-lift fly jib with two-line, one-load lift procedures making it perfect for tilt-up work. An optional three piece bi-fold fly jib can be hydraulically offset from 2 to 45 degrees while a four position manual offset option is available as well. Together with the jib, it is able to achieve a maximum lifting height of 99.6 metres.

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  1. First Link Belt ATC-3210 Delivered. Crane Service Inc. 18 March 2014
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Kobelco TK750 Telescopic Crawler Crane (75 ton)

Kobelco has introduced TK750 in 2000 and it was specially designed for foundation market. The 75 ton crawler telescopic has a maximum lifting capacity of 75 tonnes using 9.9 metres boom at a 3 metres radius and with its fully extended main boom at 30.1 metres, it can lift 2.7 tonnes at 27.8 metres radius. 
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  1. Photo. Gesobon.
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Liebherr LG1750 Lattice Boom mobile crane (750 ton)

The photo shows the impressive Liebherr LG1750 owned by KR Wind whom is based in Noerresundby, Denmark in Ijmuiden to lift some heavy pieces for Cofely GDF Suez.

New SL12D2FB Boom System

The new boom system enables the LG1750 to erect new large types of wind power systems at tower heights from 140 to 150 metres. The design was derived from the former successful SL9D2FB boom, a main boom arrangement with fixed jib and derrick system. One of the changes was use of three stronger 12 metres lattice boom with a width of 3.5 metres instead of 3.0 metres in the lower section of the main boom, and by lengthening of the fixed jib, the new SL12 system increases the load capacity and height under hook. The LG1750 can achieve a a greater load capacity of 141 tonnes at height under hook of 143 metres and 97 tonnes at 160 metres.

First unit of LG1750 in Canada - Surespan Wind Energy Service, a division of Surespan Group has taken delivery of the first 750 tonne Liebherr LG1750 lattice truck crane in Canada in 2013. The crane begun it work at Pattern Energy and Samsung's joint venture South Kent Wind farm in Southern Ontario, Canada, where it is being used to construct 124 Siemens turbines. 
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Liebherr LTM1500-8.1 All Terrain Crane (500 ton)

Liebherr LTM1500-8.1 was first unveiled at Bauma in 1998 while throughout the 16 years of history, it has sold more than 450 units to the crane market worldwide. The 400th unit of Liebherr LTM1500-8.1 was delivered at Sarens Nass 10th Anniversary on 21 March 2013. Sarens Nass Middle East (SNME) is a Strategic Business unit of Sarens and Abdulla Nass Group; Bahrain's leading provider for Crane services, Heavy lifting and Transportation solutions.

On the another hand, Liebherr also marks their 30,000th mobile crane to be delivered to a customer, which was also Liebherr LTM1500-8.1. The 500 ton mobile crane was supplied to a Mexican company Grupo DPH, a crane and heavy load contractor. The LTM1500-8.1 was handed over in the port of Salina Cruz in the south of Mexico. Grupo DPH has a warehouse at the port which currently acs as a distribution centre for the wind power plant manufacturer Vestas. The job of the 500 ton mobile crane is to shuttle between loading the generators at the distribution centre and nearby wind farm where tower segments weighing at 68 tons are being erected.

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