Yantai Raffles Taisun (Taishan) World Record Crane (20,000 ton Lifting Capacity !)

Source: CIMC Raffles

Yantai Raffles (currently CIMC Raffles) has recognized the detrimental effect of traditional traditional fabrication of offshore vessels such as drilling semi submersibles or FPSOs from ground up in modules that could easily weigh up to a range of 1000 to 2000 ton, they have built their very own crane, Taisun (Taishan), with a capability to install very large integrated modules (up to 20,000 ton) on top of a vessel's hull. With this gigantic crane, it allow fabrication to be taken place on ground, eliminating safety risk associated with working at height. Taisun also can be used to facilitates simultaneous construction of the lower and upper parts of vessel, allowing shorter overall project schedule and quicker delivery.

Guinness World Record - Taisun holds the world record for "heaviest weight lifted by crane", set in Yantai on April 18, 2008 and set at 20,133 metric ton by lifting a barge that is ballasted with water.

First Commercial Lift - Deck box lifting and installation of COSL Pioneer, also the first drilling semi-submersible built in China in 2008.

World's Heaviest Topsides Crane Lift - Deck box lifting and installation of Saipem Scarabeo 9 in 2009

Other Awards - Spotlight on New Technology Award and Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Achievement Award from American Society of Mechanical Engineers, both during Offshore Technology Conference 2008.

Taisun Main Features:
  • Safe Working Load: 20,133 metric ton
  • Height: 133 meters
  • Span: 120 meters
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 80 meters
  • Dry Dock Length: 380 meters
  • Wire Rope Length: 50,000 meters
  • Hoisting system designed by Huisman
  • Detail design by DHI DCW Group Co. Ltd

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XCMG QAY300 All Terrain Crane (300 ton)

In 2006, XCMG has displayed the 300 ton all terrain crane, QAY300, in Shanghai Bauma Show. It was the then largest truck crane made in China. The seven axle crane is capable of a maximum working radius of 86m and maximum lifting height of 110m. Using a single extending hydraulic cylinder, it extends the oviform boom, held by a pinning system. The 300 ton crane has five steering axles and four driving axles.

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Maeda MC405CRM-E Mini Crawler Crane (3.83 ton)

First unit in Caspian Region - Azerbaijian's JSC MEtal Qaynaq Sinaq (MQS) has taken delivery of the first unit of MC405CRM-E in 2010. Supplied by Sweden's AB Kranlyft, JSC MQS intended to use the mini crane to perform landscaping jobs on a construction site outside of Baku.

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Grove GSK55 Truck Mounted Crane (55 ton) - Sonke Jordt Owns the 1st Unit in the World

The GSK55 has a maximum lifting capacity of 55 ton and a 43 meters mainboom. With the additional of optional 8.7m and/or 15m swingaway jib, it gives the 55 ton mobile crane a maximum tip height of 60m. The GSK55 combines the superstructure of a Grove GMK3055 all terrain crane with a special designed truck chassis that acts as a trailer. It is powered with its own 104kW engine to provide all crane functions and a standard design that does not need to be assembled onto any particular brand of tractor. Using a two axle tractor and three axles on the trailer itself, it does not exceed 9 ton on any single trailer when traveling with 11.6 ton of counterweight. Gross Vehicle Weight is under 41.8 ton and load per axle is well below the 12 ton mark requirement in many countries.

1st unit of GSK55 in Germany - Sonke Jordt took delivery of the crane in 2009 and used it to install structural components at EUROline Logistik factory development in Gross Parin, north Germany. The job includes lifting and placement of frame, wall and roof units with loads up to 3 ton at a working radius between 20 - 22 meters.

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Liebherr LTM1170N-2 All Terrain Crane (170 ton)

Source: Asiagroup Leasing Pte Ltd

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Check Out The Largest Crane Carnival in Singapore 2014 !

Come and check out the largest Crane Carnival in Singapore 2014. The carnival is jointly hosted by Singapore Crane Association together with many of the government departments such as Building and Construction Authority, Ministry of Manpower, WSHCouncil etc.

The exhibition will let viewers have a better understand on the types of cranes and get your hands on experience with their interactive crane simulator.

There are also skills stations available which allows one to learn the important skills needed to perform a crane lift (attractive gifts to those that complete all stations.

Free on 28th September 2014 ? Come and join the Crane Carnival !

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Another Crane Accident in Singapore. Kato Rough Terrain Crane Toppled

One of my friends has sent me an photo this afternoon that one unit of Kato 50 ton rough terrain crane has toppled inside a construction site. Although the exact location is not being mentioned, it looks like the accident has happened within a HDB site. Based on the photo, it seems that the crane operator has operated the crane with fully retracted outriggers and trying to make a swing which caused the crane to toppled sidewards. There is no further news if there is any injuries or causalities in the accident.

This is the second known crane accident prior to the crawler crane accident at Telok Ayer Market on 22nd August 2014.

Kobelco 7120 Crawler Crane (120 ton)

Main Features:

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 120t x 5.0m (Crawler), 20t x 15.0m (Luffing Tower)
  • Maximum Boom Configuration: 61.0m +30.5m (Crawler), 51.7m + 44.2m (Luffing Tower)

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Kobelco 7080 Crawler Crane (80 ton)

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Kobelco RK250-6 (PANTHER 250) Rough Terrain Crane (25 ton)

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